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Midi and Karaoke Files - 2006

All midi and karaoke files on this website were recorded by myself.

These files were created on a Yamaha PSR 1000 keyboard or a Yamaha PF 1000 e-piano. And they may sound not very good on a simple computer sound card.
You need a karaoke player to display the text, e.g. Van Basco's Karaoke Player.

There is some information on the songs so that you can find the sheet music and play the songs.

Midi files

Nothing so far.

Kar files

Beautiful Days Long Ago - played without style. Music: A.J. Abbey, text: Arthur W. French (1873). Found the sheet music on the website "The Library of Congress".
The Broken Lily - played without style. Music: "Little Maud" (19th century). Found on the same website.
Copyright © 2006, Eva Fitz