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Midi and Karaoke Files - Introduction

The Layout for this website is based on a design by Haran.

All midi and karaoke files on this website were recorded by myself.

In January 2002 I never dreamed of playing a keyboard. In March 2002 I went out to buy strings for a special guitar. I came back with my first keyboard, a Yamaha PSR something - a very tiny thing for beginners. It had no floppy disk and consequently a very limited number of styles.
A few months later I was the proud owner of a Yamaha PSR 1000 with which I recorded quite a few songs. Since October 2003 I own a Yamaha PF 1000 (categorie e-piano).

The first songs I created by starting a style (waltz, tango or whatever) and playing along with it. Later I connected my keyboard and then my e-piano to the computer and played each voice of an arrangement separately and recorded it in a midi sequencer software.

When you listen to my midi and kar files you get the best results when you put the midis on a floppy disk and insert the floppy in your keyboard. I honestly don't know how my midis sound on a computer sound card  - maybe not top notch:(

Karaoke player

There certainly is a lot of software to be found in the internet. For my purposes I use Van Basco's karaoke player. With this free software you can play midi and karaoke files.
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