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Mary Louisa Molesworth (1839-1921)

"Mrs Molesworth" - a biography by Jane Cooper

Can you imagine that a writer who wrote over 70 books for children, and some for teenagers, and some for adults, and good ones too, never had a biography written on her? Mrs Molesworth was a popular writer for children, and now only a few enthusiasts know her works. Maybe because academics nearly always chew the same topics again and again on Shakespeare, Dickens, Hardy, Austen and so forth. And there are only a few publishers who dare to offer more obscure writers like Mrs Henry Wood or E.D.E.N. Southwork. Quite a few novels worth reading you can only get in antiquarian bookshops. And the same is true with Mrs Molesworth.

I was so pleased to get the biography on Mrs Molesworth, because I have read a few books by her and wanted to know more about her. And I was even more pleased on reading the biography. This book leaves nothing to desire. It is not only informative but a joy to read.

book cover

On the back cover of the biography you can read what Sue Sims, editor of "Folly" and of "The Encyclopaedia of Girls' School Stories" says:

"This book is both a labour of love and a work of real scholarship - a study of Mrs Molesworth's life and writings which will appeal not only to Molesworth devotees, who owe an immense debt to Jane Cooper, but also to those who (like myself before reading this biography) knew little of her work."

Here you can order the biography:

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